$25 make you holla, Honey Boo Boo

Wow, do I love me a little gif or meme of that little curly cu girl.

She is so funny in the weirdest way.

Just so we are on the same page, I am referring to Honey Boo Boo.

Also, you know another thing that is weird. Finding an outfit that is $25 dollars or less.

If you give me a holla, I may just tell ya the BIG secret to cracking this code.

Okay, you got me, I heard you – here it goes, it’s two words.


What? Mckenzi, you always talk about the Urban Exchange Project – is it really that cheap?

That’s right, it is that cheap. Why do you think I constantly tell you to get your booty over there?

Well, I know not everyone has the access to the Urban Exchange Project, but do not stop reading because there is still going to be a trendy treat within this post– just give me two secs. (btw…you can always mimic these styles anywhere)

Urban exchange is the location to start your treasure hunt when trying to find a hidden gem.

Things are oh – so adorable and they are perfect for a college budget or any budget because who doesn’t mind being a penny pincher here and there?!

So, here’s my $25 break down from the Urban Exchange Project:

$15 – Graphic Tee

$10 – Pant

equals a trendy lil’ moment, my gal pals.

The graphic tee is just the rad-est in aesthetic and color if I do say so myself.

The pants may fool ya because at first glance, you are like – wow, black pants, could you be a bigger bore?

Well, jokes on you, because these babes are velour. What a sweet surprise. Also, I am loving the wide leg look, can we please ditch these skinny jeans – my legs are tired of being suffocated. Please and thank you.

Anyways, these garments can’t just stand alone. But, staple items that almost everyone owns will amp it up because I am all about just working with what ya got.







Personally, I paired this with a casual kick like a converse and, of course, a denim jacket. You know my little denim addiction, gal pals. Jean Queen for life.

***side note: I really need to thank Morgan (my roomie) for introducing me to the concept of “jean queen”. Iconic, my friend.***

Ah, you can’t forget the jewels. This is where I went all out – formal jewelry with a casual fit. Let me just say I am livin’ for it. Do not be afraid to be bold because you want to be a show stopper – like, who doesn’t honestly?!

Also, I almost didn’t mention my belt vibe. These little buckles are all the rage, so find a cool, quirky accessory to strap in those loops – it may seem minor, but it can change a fit from drab to fab.

Overall, this trend of a graphic tee paired with a rad pant is what I am here for. Like, comfy and cute, what could be better? If you are trying to introduce another pant, try out a plaid because it’s oh – so in.

Well, I wish I had more for ya, gal pals – but you are just going to have to tune in for the next post for more sweet stuff.

Hope you have the brightest days this week.



PS. I would love to see your looks and fits, follow my Instagram, @kenzimiggs, and tag me in a post or DM me.

Keep being inspired, that’s all I ask.

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