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As you may or may not know…I’m really short (5’1″ to be exact) and being short comes with some issues.  First off you can’t reach anything high, second that tall kid that sits infant of you in class…yeah you can’t see over him, and lastly dressing up can be a nightmare. (For all my tall friends out there let me explain…know how there’s the PERFECT spot on your legs where a dress or a skirt does not look too short or too long, well when you are short that perfect length is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find.)  But my lovely short people I have some tips and tricks for you!!!

TIP #1

Pick a skirt!!  Skirts are great because they are adjustable plus you could wear it everyday without anyone noticing!  If a skirt is too long try a size smaller to it sits high up on your waist.  High waisted skirts are meant for short girls and trust me they make a difference!!

TIP #2

Side stripes!! This might be harder to find but a skirt with stripes of the sides (like the black leather ones on my skirt) but it is worth it for long looking legs.

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TIP #3

Over the knee boots (or socks if you are like me and still don’t own a pair)!!! These have two benefits: legs look skinnier AND longer! This is also a great way to take a fall look and transform it for cold winter days.

TIP #4

I hate saying it but heels…they suck I know but somedays they are worth it.  I love having heels on for pictures because they add a little high that I know I can not get any other way.  Boots with heels are my go-to, they are comfy (in comparison to other heels) and normally have a chunky heel making them much easier to walk in.

Get The Look

turtle neck – romwe (I know not the best but this was $5 and I wear it ALL the time)

skirt – Urban Exchange (it was only $6…such a plus!!)

socks – Kohl’s (not sure how much, I’ve had them for years)

boots – Famous Footwear ($50-$70)


Thanks for reading 🙂


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