Jack(et) of all Trades

As a new year unfolds, my life continues to adapt, adjust, and evolve.

In other words, be ready for new life updates often as my overall goal for this year is to be FEARLESS. Ironically, I want to try and dabble in different aspects of the fashion industry or just areas of life in general, which, hopefully, will shape me into someone who embodies the “jack of all trades”. 

Disclaimer: I have read that many people believe that a “jack of all trades” is someone who performs mediocre at various tasks, but in my eyes, you are as good as the work that you put in. And if you don’t know me, I am a hustler, a hard worker, and a determined “boss lady” as some people in industry must say.

So, here I am vowing to you to share more of my experiences on the blog – regardless if it involves fashion or not. I want this to be the “diary” (I will caution for TMI) of my life for 2018 and I hope I can impact someone who actually wastes minutes out of their day reading this nonsense I claim to be my blog.

As of now, I leave you with this oh so rad collab with Urban Exchange and their latest “grab the bag” sale.

Just a little background info for those who have wandering minds. Urban Exchange had a bag sale where you were given a large tote to fill with anything located in their bottom level, which let me tell you – I hit the jackpot, gal pals.

I know some of you may be forming tears because you missed this sweet deal, but cheer up butter cup because this may happen again, but shhhh… it’s a secret.

Now, I am known to be a “jack of all trades” when it comes to style, but let’s face it – my aesthetic is vintage mom with a twist of quirky – I will never shy away from it because it’s me. Always remember your style is you, it’s your voice, and it’s your right of expression.

So, which one would inspire you to expression your personal aesthetic?

  1. Jean Queen

This navy blue cargo coat is “diy-ed” with the cutest denim patches. If this look is for you, do not be afraid to try and recreate it by grabbing a thrifted jacket from Urban Exchange along with a denim pant to manipulate into something groovy. People will learn to bow down to you, Jean Queen.

  1. Rad & Retro

Imagining this a jacket that would be sported in a retro roller rink, anyone else feeling the vibe? Well, if you are, then I would say this retro find is for you, gal pal. If your go – to fit is a mom jean with a graphic tee or turtle neck, toss this into the mix to achieve the ultimate vintage vibes.

  1. Tweed with a Twist

I know you are thinking it, wow, is she really wearing this – but let me tell you, I love this quirky coat. Pair this with a funky jean or fun socks and you have a fit that will definitely catch someone attention. Stay weird, gal pals. Stay weird.

And to wrap up this tangent, I am hoping you found a jacket that fits your personal aesthetic as I tried to hit the jack[et] of all trades, but if I missed ya, head over to the Urban Exchange Project because there is something for every creative out there.



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