Little Black Dress

“One is never under- or over- dressed in a little black dress.”
 – Coco Chanel

No matter your occasion, a little black dress goes a long way.

In this case: I have a small little announcement.

I get to work Philadelphia Fashion Week and rock a rad rule created by a fashion icon.

Let me tell ya, the hardest thing about working PFW is your look. You want to be iconic, but you can’t forget functionality and comfort as you practically run around like a chicken with you head chopped off. It’s a rush, an adrenaline rush, but you will experience no other high like it.

So, let me tell ya about this little moment from the Urban Exchange Project

This little black dress is not your normal silhouette. I mean do you know me, I am quirky and can’t just settle for the A-line. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate minimalism and clean line, but let me tell ya, something about a wild card thrown in to make a rad look makes my heart very happy.

This circle skirt silhouette has a cold shoulder top with silver belt buckles as embellishment and not only that, but is can adjust for optimal comfort and fit. The textile is everything I need and more as it is a velvet/ velour texture giving it a sweet surface design aspect. Not only is this the cutest, but it’s the comfiest – wowza, I could sleep in you, my little black dress.

Now, of course, the accessories. Black can be boring, so accessories are a must.

In this shoot, I am sporting the cutest square studs in my ears that resemble a marble black and white print. Along with this, I added the vintage box pocketbook that just creates a sweet like aesthetic. Finally, the red lip, DMAlips. Iconic addition to a classic collection of clothes.

Psttt…all of this can be purchases at the Urban Exchange Project.


Red alert:

This lip is created by DMAlips (give there insta a follow – @dmalips). This tube comes with a brush that will change your life and this tint lasts forever. Red is always the hardest lip to conquer and let me tell ya, DMAlips will help you to victory.

On final notes: This dress is the cutest with a color pop in lips, jewelry, and shoes. Red is my go to with black, but don’t be afraid to be crazy with your colors, my gal pals.

Also, you can’t forget your fav sunnies, especially with the few warm days that we have been experiencing here in the city. These little gems are what I call ‘my too glam to give a damn’ glasses. These glasses are from DIFF eyewear. Their business is amazing because they give back to the community by donating one pair of glasses to a charity mission with every pair purchased. Wow, a win – win, am I right?

Now, since this post is inspired by one of my fashion icons, I am leaving you with a final word of wisdom:

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
 – Coco Chanel

Have the sunniest week and remember, if you have a wacky wardrobe week, go back to black.

*cue Amy Winehouse*



Check out a PFW update on my insta, @kenzimiggs !!!

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