A New Year: Bria Moyer

The new year…it’s a time to think about what you want in the next year, to reflect on the year that you had, and to play around with some sparkles.

For my ‘New Year’s Eve Look’ I picked a dress from Urban Exchange (only $6) that had just the right amount of sparkles.  I liked that it only has sparkles on the front instead of all over.  I wanted to pick a dress that I normally wouldn’t wear, and something that would stand out.  I picked this dress because I think the gold sequences are perfect for New Years.  The dress is super short and has an open back allowing you to breathe in a hot club.  This dress is PERFECT for a night out with the girls or a midnight kiss with a longtime crush.

A LOOK AT THE PAST – what did I accomplish this year?

– Coached a middle school cheerleading team that won most of their competitions

– Decided what college I was going to attend

– Went to my first fashion show

– Raised $43,100.65 for childhood cancer

– Went to senior prom

– Graduated high school!!!!!

– Went on AMAZING summer vacations (Florida and Belize)

– Spoke at a leadership summit for Mini-THON

– Went to college (PhilaU)

– Worked backstage at Philly Fashion Week

– Explored Philly (ALOT)

– Started this blog (hip-hip-hooray!!!)

– Got a 4.0 GPA my first semester!!

A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE – what do I want to accomplish in 2018?

– Keep this blog running

– Get a 4.0 GPA my second and third semester

– Gain my muscle back

– Find a summer job

– Go on more AMAZING vacations

– Explore Philly more

– Help with the PhilaU Fashion Show

– Explore my style more

– Get better at makeup

– Be more outgoing

– Make connections in the fashion industry

– Be accepted into New York Immersion

– Have a winter break job

– Grow my hair out



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