A Seasonal Pop


A seasonal Pop

Seasons always come and seasons always go, and the same for the trends. Trends are constantly changing and innovating constantly. I find that, to indicate these trends, WWD, or Women’s Wear Daily, is the best platform to conduct research. It helps you find out about the latest and what has been the most recent news in the fashion industry.


As it is transferring over to spring from this cold winter, a huge trend that has been viewed is pops of color. If you showed me this sweater one year ago, I would have never put this on. I paired it with a trend I decided to stick with, a sherpa coat.

I ordered this jacket back in January after seeing everyone in the most beautiful jackets. It was on back order for one month, but when I got it, I knew that I wanted to post about it as soon as possible. What I love most about it is how warm it is and how it has an oversized look. This jacket is from Urban Outfitters, but from the company I.AM.GIA. I was not aware of this brand, but it has been everywhere lately. Models and celebrities seem to be the ones that have been seen around wearing this exact jacket actually. I decided to pair it with my green sweater from Urban Exchange, which I love so much. I decided to pair it with a nice, dark denim to contrast the look. I am wearing my silver nike sneakers as well with my favorite grey socks.  Try the pop of color in your looks. It never hurt to try it. All the love,Emily Pearl IG: @byemilypearl

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