All in the Details: Wanna Be On Top?

Wanna Be On Top?

*cue the America’s Next Top Model Theme Song*

….and give me your best “smize” because you are about to get the dets that will put you on top of this season’s trends.

Now, let me give you the low down on my favorite emerging trend this season, which is a long maxi dress with knee high boots.

This black, lace dress is paired with black undergarments to create a trendy and hot look through the burn out embellishment. The lace trim and finishings complete the look that came right off the rack at Urban Exchange.

As I stare at the snow falling outside my window, I can imagine you all questioning how to style this outfit when all you can see is a winter wonderland — the answer is denim. Pair this look with your favorite oversized denim and you are ready to brave the dropping digits.

PS, if you are looking for this denim addition, check the racks of Urban Exchange.

…and as I always say, accessories are everything.  I mean everything. I dressed this look up with chokers and layered necklaces to add depth within the look. Also, the hat appears again, which only means one thing, it’s a trend that I oh – so adore.

And just to point out, these knee high boots will keep those goose bumps away. You can find look alikes at Urban Exchange for just $8 (hint, they are on the lower level).

Now, that you know what trend is on top, will you be America’s Next Top Model?




Ps. Special thank you to my beautiful and supportive roomie, Morgan, for modeling. Much love for you, xo.

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