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As the seasons are transitioning from winter to spring to summer, there have been so many different ways to create looks, when it is from layering or putting on a comfy sweater with some mom jeans. I decided to make a different spin on things..

This past month has been a huge month for Urban Exchange. We have recently re-opened our lower level to create a new look to the place. There are so many amazing finds there that will bring awesome looks to your wardrobe! When I walked right in, I saw these amazing overalls right in front of me, and I knew that I had to call them mine. With corduroy coming back, as well, I knew that they were perfect for me. I love the color, the fit, and everything about them. I decided to pair them with this sweater underneath, which is also from Urban Exchange. We all know that a full look in Urban Exchange is the way to go. With the lower level re-opened, the looks you can create are endless.


With the lower level re-opened, the looks you can create are endless.


I love that they have different kinds of pieces, like these overalls. I never would have imagined finding these second hand, but since I have, I am going to take these and create looks that will absorb inspiration. A tip that I can give out about creating outfits is to step out of your comfort zone. Grab the pieces that you levitate towards because you never know. You can end up wearing something that inspires others to wear too.

Keep inspiring.

All the love,
Emily Pearl

IG: @byemilypearl

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