Battling Bipolar Weather

Mother Nature, if you are listening – please make up your mind.

One day you make it snow, the next day you have me in a sunshine state of mind.

I know the ground hog said 6 more weeks of winter, but can we speed it up a bit?

With winter temps still on the horizon and the itch of spring styles becoming apparent, it can be so challenging to dress for this time of year.

Lucky for you, I have gained a little insight from some of my designer gal pals and have decided to take a little risk.

Overall aesthetic of this look: Denim dream meets the dress.

This look is perfect for:

  • gals who aren’t really into dresses
  • the colder days where your legs would be popsicle sticks without a layer
  • the lazy days where you have no motivation for the harvest (aka: a leg shave)
  • those dresses that are too short, but you still can’t find the heart to give away – trust me, I have an attachment to all things especially clothing

So, if you related to any of those point above – listen up, gal pal.

Here’s the look. I paired an Urban Exchange find – the faux suede halter “dress” with laser cut dots with a ripped jean and a slouchy sweater. This look screams comfy and is a sweet style for a day out on the town, which is exactly the occasion I wore it for.

Always remember to add statements as I paired this neutral palette with a layered gem look around my neck. To keep the little sparkle poppin’, I wore my metallic sneaks from Karl Lagerfeld, which kept my feet from hating me as they hit the city concrete.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the agenda of our adventure…

My best friends and I hit up South street in Center City to indulge in a few of life’s guilty pleasures: crepes, thrifting, and ice creams. You know what they say, “all good things come in threes”.

Also, can we talk about the wall work in this neighborhood?
The mosaics from the Magical Garden were glistening and gorgeous along with the murals that were iconic. What an artsy fartsy area near the Gardens and UArts, like even the trash cans were pretty.
Honestly, the best way to truly show you its vibe is through a photo story so here is my South Street Story in a Shoot.

Now, go out and have a day to treat yo self. It is oh – so important.



PS. Follow my Instagram to get inspo on places for adventures – @kenzi_miggs. Also, I would love to hear your fav places to explore, so drop me a line.

Also, enjoy this photo at Big Gay Ice Cream as I hope it brings you a good laugh.

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