Dressing for Bipolar Weather

So Spring is around the corner and for us east-coasters that just means that Mother Nature is about to put us through an environmental rollercoaster. I feel like it doesn’t exactly stay warm outside until May/June. Before then, some days it’ll feel like Winter will never end. Basically, “Spring” is Winter with cherry blossoms.



I always find it so hard to dress for the weather because some days it’ll be warm, everyone is in a great mood, and there’s good vibes all around, but then the weather switches up on us. It’s hard to navigate around what exactly to wear and what to stay away from because puffy jacket szn is over and the weather doesn’t exactly call for that anyway. During Bipolar Szn, layering is my best friend. Denim jackets are always the go-to because they’re light enough to keep you from sweating your makeup off but they give you that extra protection from cool breezes. Plus, they’re super easy to style! They go with literally everything and can easily mesh with anyone’s aesthetic.

In my photos, I’m wearing a Men’s 2XL denim jacket from Urban Exchange that has turned into something I throw on over almost every outfit. I’m wearing an all black ensemble with layered necklaces as my only accessories and had I not layered up with the jacket, I would’ve froze because on this particular day, Mother Nature was giving us heartwarming sunlight and brisk winds. That’s what I mean when I say layering is my best friend. Outerwear in general (blazers, trench coats, bomber jackets, etc) is great to have for this time of year because once the temperature starts rising, it’ll be too hot to get away with it.


This is the time to start taking advantage of all the Autumn looks you were ready to serve to the public but couldn’t because Autumn only lasted, like, two weeks. So, think of this period as pre-summer prep. Serve summer vacation looks- but don’t forget that the temperature drops after 6pm. Stay warm and keep cute!

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Love always,
♕ Khadija

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