Layers for Daze

As everyone always has their traditional looks, I always tend to find myself with much more of an out-there style compared to most people. Coming to university has been the best thing to happen to my looks yet.. only because I have began to put together styles I never could have worn in high school. Looking back on it, I have realized that sticking with your true style is so important and to not go for something because you are “afraid” of it.

With street style being a huge component in most trendy fashionistas, I would consider this look to be one. What I always love to do is layer. I feel that layering brings so much texture and dimension to a look that is so important to catch the eye of someone. Also, I always love a good high waisted pant. I have learned that most people find their perfect denim to wear or certain style of pant, and these are mine.

This little number has all been purchased from different places. The grey stripe top underneath is from the wonderful Urban Exchange. I remember seeing this at the bag sale and pictured so many different combinations with it. I got the black lace top from PacSun, which has become a staple piece in my closet. Finding those specific pieces, in general, will always help with factoring out looks or letting your closet have the minimal chaos it can.

To follow with the top, I was at Macy’s last weekend, and I came across these type of pants. They have a corduroy look to them, and I just knew that I had to have them. The materials are viscose and polyester, which I have never seen create this type of fabric, but it did, and I love it. These grey pants rang up for seven dollars, and have became my new favorite pant. Always got to love sales.

Pants in general have created such a comeback. When I say pants, I do not mean to just plain pants. I mean cropped, flared, and wide-leg looks. I am all about feeling confident is a cool pair of jeans or these corduroys.

To close off the look, I paired this with my black embroidered sneakers I picked up from Primark. I do not shop here much since it is normally a hit or miss for me, but I found these and fell in love.

This is the kind of look I have always had the eye for and always wanted to create. oUsing my street style being in Philadelphia has let me express myself in ways I never could of imagined.

Do not be scared to let your style express who you truly are.


All the love,

Emily Pearl

IG: @byemilypearl

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