Let’s Talk Recycling


Let’s talk recycling

I will always reign supreme when it comes to re-wearing the same pants over and over again. This is probably because whenever I’m shopping, I always gravitate towards tops and totally ignore bottoms, which always bites me in the behind later. Don’t shop like me.
But if you do shop like me, it’s important to have your recycling game be A1. And by recycle, I mean re-wear but in a totally different way. The most important part is for your recycling not to be noticeable so no one can tell. I’ve had days where I would wear the same pair of pants two days in a row and they’d look like two completely different pairs of jeans. Weirdly, a lot of people assume that I have a lot of pants and jeans which always makes me lol because that’s literally so far from the truth.


But ANYWAY, let’s get into THESE jeans. As soon I walked into Urban Exchange and saw these jeans, we looked at each other and knew that we belonged in each other’s lives. And surely enough, they fit me like a glove so I was sold. You’d never think that you’d be able to wear moss-green, high-waisted mom jeans so many different ways. I knew that while shooting, I wanted to capture two completely different styles and I’m so happy with the outcome because I really want you guys to get inspired and see that certain pieces in your closet can be worn in so many ways. If you’re balling on a budget, like me, it’s important to start spending your money on versatile pieces that also fit your aesthetic to extend that shelf life. Your clothes should be flexible and mold to whatever style you’re feeling at the moment so they can be worn over and over. I wore these jeans in a row and was overwhelmed with the amount of compliments I got on them.

Recycling saves the planet and it can save your closet, too. Outfit repeating is one thing- we try to stay away from that :), but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting your money’s worth when it comes to your clothes.

Love always,

♕ Khadija

IG: @kingkhadija

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