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Now Introducing…


Hey gal pals,As you may have noticed, its been a while and a lot has changed.                          Now for Life Updates:

I am a freshman at Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University, so that means I am a city girl now.
I am majoring in Fashion Design.
I am a member of Fashion Industries Associations (FIA) and just got brought onto the executive board as a Member at Large.

College has been the best thing that has happened to me. I have grown immensely in just one semester and have been given so many opportunities just like this.

Now that your caught up, let’s get back to the BIG announcement…


I am a brand ambassador for Urban Exchange and I am so exciting to be apart of such an amazing project. This thrift store is located in Fishtown, PA and let me tell you, the passion behind the project is amazing. There sole inspiration was “born out of a strong desire to give back to the community and to help those less fortunate” ( Urban Exchange’s passion to help those in need is one of the reasons why I wanted to represent their brand. Also, who doesn’t love thrifting with a purpose.

Now, let me stop being rude and properly introduce myself (for those who don’t know me).

My name is Mckenzi Migliorini.
I am originally from Virginia, so if you see a “y’a’ll” that’s why.
My family, friends, and faith mean everything to me.
My goal is to always have good vibes and be a light in people’s lives. Finally, I am an avid art buff and need coffee to be alive. Also, if I see a dog, honestly, good luck getting my attention.
And of course, I love all things fashion and I, definitely, think it’s my purpose in life.

Finally, my style… 80s to 90s vintage “mom”

That’s right ladies and gentleman, I live for turtlenecks, high waisted pants, mom jeans, plaids, converse, scrunchies, and everything vintage.

Also, accessories are everything.


All I am trying to do in this life is be groovy and retro & I can’t wait to share it with you.







Psssst…..this is going be a weekly thing, so check back soon, my gal pals.


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