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After years of preparation, dedication and disappointment that was swiftly counteracted by the owner, Eddie Gorman’s undying passion for clothes and charity The Urban Exchange Project is born. The philosophy surging through this storefront is to give back to those less fortunate but the cliché nature of that quote gets lost when one realizes how much deeper Mr. Gorman’s charitable persona goes.

His inspiration came from watching an African woman create a hugely successful campaign to help her impoverished village. He saw how quickly this movement gained momentum and how responsive people were to assisting those in need. This lit the spark and soon Eddie was laying down the blueprints of what was going to be his passion project. The Urban Exchange Project’s motto revolves around giving back because the owner believes in granting those in need a chance to feel better about their situation. It is incredible to realize how much of a difference a carefully chosen, stylish outfit can make, especially to someone who is down on their luck.

His idea is to provide clothes that people can feel good about, one that can infuse a person with confidence and belief. The Urban Exchange Project will provide people with access to carefully chosen, high quality attire with a variety of sizes as opposed to random containers of clothes that are either too small or too large.

All of this points to one overarching design, providing relevant help that people in need can genuinely use.

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