“Overall” Obsession

My overall fav trend this season is an all-in-one look.

This is seen on top trend reports (WGSN) for all markets: kids, men, women.. etc. 

So, I am not the only one obsessed, but trust me, I would be fine if I was. Things that make the soul shine cannot be taken away by other people’s opinions.

Biggest Advice: Stop being a people pleaser. Live for you.

Top Reasons for why I “heart” this look from the Urban Exchange Project:

1. you feel like a kid 

2. it’s the comfiest

3. who can resist the floral embroidery? … like omg how cute!!
…and it’s all summer vibes bc warm weather
…and this makes the heart and soul shine, yay!!

Side note: I look like bob builder, but I guess, I am a cute one. Am I right?


So, long story short, I got this sweet little look from the Urban Exchange’s lower level grand opening. This is honestly the most iconic store space that I have been to in Philly, so if you are all about the vintage vibes as you know I am, drop on in. It is perfect for those insta pics and snap worthy stories as the records and geo paintings vibe as the coolest aesthetic. So, style some looks and go get a groovy shot or two. 

Here is a sneak peek of my fav spot in the store:

I am not going to lie, the aura of the room really enhanced my boss lady vibe. I mean is this groovy or what because this retro revival has my heart.

Now that I am done fan-girling, let me dive into the deets of this fit..

I have paired this cutie little jumper with a mustard yellow shirt because it makes my soul shine, but, also, it brings out some of the color in the floral embroidery. This little tee can be found at H & M and it is the perfect addition to any fit to provide a pop of color.

Next, I threw on my birks because it was 80 degrees and I needed to take full advantage of this lil moment. 

Side note: I sat outside for an hour this day and got so toasted – what a time it was!!


Back to Business: As always, you can’t forget the accessories. I just picked up these shades up on South Street in a consignment shop for $16. They have been my staple these past few weeks on campus as I am always hiding my tired eyes from my pals as all these final projects have crept up on me like the enemy.

Also, we can’t forget this rad hat as it adds a quirky accent to the whole fit. 

All in all, this look is full of misfit fashion finds, but I have to say its aesthetic makes my heart v happy for sunshine and summer. 

Speaking of summer, I have to take a break from being an Urban Exchange Project Ambassador as I am not local and will be heading back to my home town. I will not forget about my gal pals and I can’t wait to serve you new looks in the fall semester.

PS. Just because I am not blogging for Urban Exchange Project this summer does not mean that my blog will be dry, I will still be uploading and sharing my sweet summer mems and style, so keep following my blog on my instagram, @kenzi_miggs.

Tata for now, Urban Exchange Project gal pals. Thank you so much for everything this year and being apart of my first year college experience.



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