Oversized School Spirit

I’m going to start this off by talking about SCHOOL SPIRIT!!  I love love love school spirit (mostly because I have been a cheerleading forever and I’ve kinda been forced to like it) but reppin’ your school is always a perfect lazy day fit.

If you are like me (which I hope you are) then your save those super cute outfits for the week days a have and strong bum game on the weekends.  During the week, I am spotted with a full face of makeup, sometime heels, and a thoughtfully picked out outfit.  On the weekends, I am a completely different person.  I am seen walking into brunch (thank you Ravenhill) with either some leggings or a pair of sweatpants and always a sweatshirt.  Some Saturdays and Sundays, when I have to leave my room for more than just food I’ll throw together a fit that it cute, comfy,
and has an amazing find from Urban Exchange Project!!!

This fit all started when I heard this lilac jacket calling my name.  Once I got over to it I was a little sad because it is a 3x…and I am not a 3x but I decided to get it anyways.  I brought it home (well to my dorm) and the rest is history.

Okay not really.

I was extremely stuck on what exactly I was going to do with this jacket.  It is super oversized so I knew I wanted to pair it with black leggings but other than that I had NO IDEA. Then, my wonderful roommate (who took all the fabulous pictures) said to throw on a hat and a t-shirt. Talk about best roomie ever!!! I decided to pick my Jefferson t-shirt since everyone here has been showing some love to the name change. I figured a hat would also be perfect for a weekend look because who actually washes their hair on the weekend??  I also grabbed a backpack to show that this fit would be unstoppable during the weekdays too!! (I even took some cute boomerangs walking around, so fun right!!) The last item I grabbed was a pair of sunglasses because a girl can never be unprepared for her best friend (and worst nightmare) the sun!! This outfit is what I like to call my “lazy day but also trying to look cute”outfit.


As always check out my friends over at Urban Exchange Project in Fishtown, and TRUST ME you will not be disappointed!! The unique lilac jacket was only $10, such a steal, right?!

Bye, Bria <3
p.s. if you don’t already follow me on insta @bria.moyer !!

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