Style Profile: Meet Alessandra

Hi, I’m Alessandra Muscella! My style is not one-way or the other, I’ve made it completely my own! 

I enjoy wearing neutral tones, my favorite being black and simple accessories. Denim is also an essential of my wardrobe. Mind you again, most of it is black, but when I do want to have fun with denim, embroidered denim of all kinds are key. The crazier, the better! Whether it be floral, hearts, or even skulls. With the simplicity of neutrals in my closet and collection of clothes, accessories really do add that extra little bit to an outfit. Sunglasses, hats, and big necklaces are definitely my go to in that sense and it’s a bonus if it’s a statement piece that’s vintage for a one of a kind look!



Like I said, I don’t really classify my style as one thing or the other, but I do get a lot of influences from street and urban culture, vintage silhouettes, and a little bit of bohemian flare on occasion. One of my favorite outfits in my closet now is a black pair of overalls with a step-cut bottom, my Doc Martens, a stripy long sleeve tee, and a black hat. Yes, it definitely emanates some kind of goth farmer, if you will, but it is a fun way to layer and add more pieces to an outfit. I look forward to finding other great pieces soon to add to my neutral outfits. One piece that will be making an appearance soon will be a velvet blazer, so keep an eye out!




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