Style Profile: Meet Annamarie

My name is Annamarie Vazquez, I’m a student at West Chester University and I love fashion.

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. I love the creative aspect of it & I truly feel that your style expresses who you are. My personal style is a combination of trendy and chic. I love to get inspired by the latest trends but I also like to add my own touch to a stylish outfit and make it my own. I can rock an oversized graphic tee with a pair of converses and make it look casual yet chic. I am all about the DIY outfits and I live for vintage finds (aka old Levi’s). My favorite thing to do is style them into shorts and design them the way I like. I love to rock outfits that stand out and are different.

This summer I had the opportunity to travel abroad to the fashion Capitals of the World studying fashion marketing In London, Paris, Milan, and Florence. I was so inspired traveling throughout these countries, it enabled me to see a different side of fashion that I have never seen before. I felt that fashion in these countries were more valued as an art.  My experience has led me to become a fashion blogger. As an aspiring fashion Blogger I want to inspire those to express who they are through their style and not be afraid to be themselves. My fashion blog Aspired by Anna seeks to “direct ones hopes or ambitions towards achieving something”. I hope through my passion of fashion I can inspire others to find what it is they love and aspire to be.



IG : @annamarievazquez

Photos taken by Amanda Saleh @amandasaleh

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