Style Profile: Meet Bria

As fashion major, I always get asked to describe my style, but I never know what to say.  I
am tired of not knowing the answer so I decided to find the answer.

Style is something that you own and part of who you are. When I looked at my (very small) closet I noticed a few things. Patterns are not for me…I really like solid colors.  I also noticed that denim is a staple product for me.  My go-to pants are jeans and I love that denim jackets are coming back in style.  I think a denim jacket can add a lot of uniqueness to an outfit.  The last thing that I noticed is that socks are a necessity for me in the fall and winter.  I can mainly be seen in white crew socks because I have what seems like a million from my cheer days!

When I pick out an outfit in the morning I like to keep it simple but then add something to make it pop.  I love playing around with jackets, scarfs, shoes, socks, and jewelry.  These accessories can make jeans and a sweater look like it was styled by a pro.

The outfit that I picked to show off my style is a jean jacket, sweater, leggings, socks, and boots. I picked the jean jacket because of the embroidered detail.  I picked the sweater because it matched the flower on the jacket and it is also a staple item in my closet.  I threw on a pair of leggings because I like being comfortable, especially since I am wearing heeled boots. I added the tied choker at the last minute because the outfit seemed like it was missing something but I did not know what until my friend suggested some to wear it. I love this outfit because it is very versatile, it can be worn to class or in the city!

I braided my hair for this look because I am known for my braids.  I do not have the best natural hair and I do not like using heat everyday so I end up braiding my hair.  I love how braids can be worn all year long and also look great with short and long hair.  Braids are a big part of my style because they are easy to do and do not take much time or effort.


I am extremely happy that I have now found my style.  I hope to continue to define and strengthen my style as I start my journey as an Ambassador for Urban Exchange. Please follow Urban Exchange on Instagram @urbanexchangeproject to check out their amazing secondhand and vintage clothing. Their clothing is amazing and very affordable on a college budget.

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for next week’s post!






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