Style Profile: Meet Bria

My name is Bria, Renée if you’re feeling BOLD.

I’m from Philly but, I went to college in South Carolina so I feel like I’ve softened up a lot (Philly girls are naturally kind of aggressive, right? Lol)

My favorite color is green, not only because it’s the color of money but, represents freshness, growth, harmony and fertility.

Did I mention I used to compete in pageants and was named Miss Claflin University in 2014?

Yea, that was a true growing experience.


I love meeting new people and learning what makes them unique- I feel like it helps me grow.

See the running theme? lol “Bria =Growth”

I’m the oldest of four so I’m inherently a trailblazer & I am not afraid to try new things.

My style reflects my personality, and often how I feel on a certain day.

Retro, Urban Chic  à are the two phrases I would associate with my style.

I love the 80s and the 90s so I’m not afraid to wear a piece that may be super loose or baggy. I adore flannel, polka dots and bright colors!

My go- to color, whenever I’m struggling to make an outfit decision, is BLACK, because we all know it matches everything and ALWAYS gives off sophisticated vibes.

I’m an avid heel wearer (Idk if that’s even a real term lol) and love, loVE, LOVE platforms.


I say…The higher the heel-the further you’ll go


I wear what makes me feel good & makes me stand out.

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