Style Profile: Meet Cait

Hiiii I’m Cait. I’m a 19 year old sophomore fashion merchandising student at Philadelphia University. I have pretty much only let me dress myself since I was in pre-school. Back then, I thought my favorite shirt with a green apple on it with my pink and purple floral skort was the cutest look in the world. I like to think that I know a little more about style now, but I still keep that mindset that style is about more than just the clothes, it’s having the confidence to wear them as you want to. I also think that personality is a big part of style, so as for that I’m pretty much the biggest talker I know, so I have a ton of friends all over the place.

I read through books like crazy, my favorite author is Oscar Wilde. I’m very spiritual as well. I follow astrology and I believe in things like crystal healing and the energy in the universe making things happen. I listen to indie music and some alternative stuff mostly, but I like a good bit of everything. I’m also obsessed with everything French. My current style icons are Orion Carloto and Alexa Chung.

For the past few years I have been the kind of shopper who collects a ton of items that I like and just figures out in the end how they all go together. This year, I want to really build my wardrobe up into one cohesive collection. My style I’m aiming for I’ve described to my friends as a cross between a “sexy French paperboy in the 20s” and “everyone’s favorite indie coffee shop owner”. I like pieces that have structure and mixing them with flowier pieces. I adore menswear inspired pieces that still have a feminine touch. I pretty much only wear warmer neutral colors and denim. I also really like pieces that are inspired by art. I’m also obsessed with gold jewelry, belts, bags, and statement sunglasses. I’m super excited to be working with The Urban Exchange Project so that I can work on my content creating skills and challenge myself a bit more when it comes to my style.



IG: @caaitlinreilly

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