Style Profile: Meet Jenna


My name is Jenna Worthington and I’m a fashion student at Jefferson University. I have a very diverse range of fashion taste that I like to wear. Overall, I would say I have more of a boho and laid back look. I love flowing and fitted garments that complement the body without being too revealing or reserved. I dabble with bold pieces to make statements, whether it be for a piece of clothing or an accessories. I think it is important for clothing to represent the person wearing it. I consider myself to be very intellectually strong yet still being able to maintain my ability to see active chose what I share and with whom I share my life with. The strong sense comes into play with the less traditional styles such as the flare sleeves or the bold prints while the simple sophistication is the length and cut a of the garments.

I purchase my clothes from anywhere and everywhere, but my favorite place to go for something unique is the thrifts. A large portion of my closet has come from second hand retailers because I believe it is an amazing way to save money while being able to find items that little to no one else has. There abundance of brands available at reasonable prices is just astounding to me.

Besides thrifting, I shop at stores such as Forever 21, Marshall’s, Banana Republic, Anthropology, urban Outfitters, and many more stores. My favorite designer brands based on aesthetics are Johnny Was, Gucci, Burberry, and Raf Simmons. I prefer dressing in long layers as opposed to shorts. There is much more room for creativity with a fall and winter wardrobe in my opinion.



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