Style Profile: Meet Madi

Hello everyone! My name is Madi Ross and I am a marketing student at Temple University and I am ecstatic about becoming a brand ambassador for the Urban Exchange Project. Fun fact about me: my name used to be spelled like “Maddy,” but in second grade I changed it to “Maddie.” Then in sixth grade, I changed it again to “Madi.” As you can tell, I really don’t mind change, which is partly why I am so passionate about the fashion industry. It is always changing. Although I am a business student, I am a very creative person. In regards to my style, it varies.

Walking to class, I am definitely always wearing something comfortable, but still cute. I usually wear leggings, Sugerga or Adidas sneakers, a cute sweater, and an infinity scarf. As for night life, I can guarantee that I will be caught in jeans. I have a wide variety of jeans: Levi’s (probably about 10 pairs), jeggings, wide leg, etc. Jeans are my favorite piece of clothing to style. On a typical night out, I would be wearing heeled booties, jeans, a black belt, and any kind of top. This is my absolute go-to.

Accessories mean a lot to me. I am not one to change these things up very much; I’m pretty traditional when it comes to accessories. I have several rings that I wear on a daily basis, whether it be going to class, going to dinner, or going out, I am always wearing my rings. I have several tattoos as well, and I really think that these pieces of art help me to express myself. I have seven and counting!

My inspiration comes mainly from the street style of celebrities. I follow an account on Instagram called “Influence Avenue” run by Scot Louie. He posts photos of celebrities, mostly on the red carpet, but sometimes also wearing their street style clothing. These photos inspire me for certain outfits. I also find inspiration from my friends and peers around campus. Although it seems like I have a fairly consistent style, I am always open to new styles and

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