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Feeling down given the state of today’s world? Winter blues setting in?  Same! What better way to respond than by reliving your harrowed middle school days of overwhelming emotions and angst?  Nothing like throwing back a Mountain Dew Livewire, on your way to buy a neon studded belt from Hot Topic while chanting along to My Chemical Romance on that shiny new iPod Shuffle. So blast some Lil Peep and channel some of that same inner emo kid.

Hi I’m Tyler, I am a Philly based fashion designer and wardrobe stylist.  As a fashion victim and vintage enthusiast, I am crazy excited to be an Ambassador for Urban Exchange. Buying second hand is an exciting way to stand out and combat the environmental damage of fast fashion, so I am thrilled to be able to work with other talented creative people to showcase exactly how fun and easy it is to mix vintage and recycled pieces into your existing wardrobe.


Personally I like to be experimental with my style, so I switch things up pretty regularly. The one constant would be incorporating a different perspective to sportswear. I believe being confined to the gendering of a garments is limiting and we should be open to wearing whatever  feels right to us. Whether that be a pair of Champion sweats or a Comme de Garcon skirt, (why not both?) it’s important to do you regardless of what others might think. Outside of putting clothes on others and myself I am mainly at home turning up to Rico Nasty, sewing, and planning my next project. Right now, I am mainly working on a collective creative project called “TH3M” with a few friends. We recently debuted our first full collection at Philadelphia Fashion Week and are planning some cool events in the near future. So keep an eye out!


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