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These sunglasses, oh baby, are they spunky… and I LOVE it.

Sunglasses are so in right now. They aren’t just protective against the sun anymore; they are an essential part of an outfit.

Accessorizing is huge. Sunglasses can do the trick because they can be the last piece that completes a look. They are also just a really fun and rad way to show some unique style.


This pair can be worn with a neutral colored outfit to let the color really shine through and be the center of attention. This frame is popular right now, giving off a retro vibe. Taking is back to the 80s is always a good move.


Mustard is making a breakthrough in the fashion world. Everyone is wearing yellow. Although yellow hasn’t always been the most popular hue, people are realizing that they stand out wearing yellow. It’s unique and fun and I’m SO glad it’s becoming the latest trend.


Going along with the mustard trend, these monochrome sunnies are so big right now. The transparent aspect to them is so different. You’re really making a statement wearing these. They clealy aren’t used for practicality, they are purely for fashion purposes. Because of the transparent lenses, these can be worn with basically anything.

(These are my personal favorite)

((They come in tons of colors))



These babies are great. A more neutral tone means more outfits it goes with. The big circular frames are unique and fun and can give a look some life.


Don’t underestimate the power of sunglasses. Take advantage of them. Head on over to The Urban Exchange Project in Fishtown to pick up your favorite sunnies for only $15.

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