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What is Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

The Fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry in the world. Sustainable fashion can include recycled clothing, shoes, and accessories that are manufactured and marketed in the most environmentally friendly way. Recently, sustainable fashion has had growing awareness among consumers and younger generations. My favorite part of fashion is the cycles of trends that evolve overtime. I thrift because I love seeing clothing that was recycled and back in style again. For the summer every year I make my own jean shorts and support local thrift shops by buying their recycled jeans.


How Can You Make a Difference?

There are many ways we can make a difference in the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion has many forms in which some individuals emphasize the importance of making clothes in a more environmentally friendly manner, others advocate secondhand clothing, and even renting or borrowing clothes as opposed to purchasing newly produced clothes. All strategies promote more environmentally, and ethically conscious production and consumption of clothing. These are important steps towards a more sustainable industry.


What Makes Urban Exchange Project Sustainable?

Urban Exchange Project is a secondhand vintage store that resells clothing. What inspired me most about Urban Exchange Project was the reusable fashion designs. They design secondhand clothing in creative ways. The store has a whole section of recycled clothing that has been redesigned making It like new again. Urban Exchange Project have many different looks in which they use bleach or paint to create new clothing for their customers that stands out from the rest. If more clothing stores were like Urban Exchange Project, it would make the world a better place to live. Shopping at stores such as Urban Exchange Project is one way you can support sustainability in fashion. Go check out all the latest looks and make a difference!


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