Three Outfits… One Jacket

Who says you can’t wear things more than once? Yeah, celebrities might only wear a $3,000 coat once in their lifetime, but not all of us can financially, physically, or mentally even THINK to do that. SO, of course, this $25 vintage number from Urban Exchange Project will definitely be worn more than once… I mean, look how adorable it is!

Although spring is just around the corner (yay!), this lightweight camo jacket is a perfect way to accessorize an outfit during these last chilly days of winter. Believe me, I probably hate the awkward transition from season to season more than you, but we all gotta deal. A jacket like this will get you through this difficult time of (dramatic sound effect) 40-degree weather.


First, I have this chic jacket paired with a pair of jeans and cute sneakers (booties would also go perfectly with this outfit). Buttoned up, this camo number is flirty, flattering, and feminine, which I love. I accessorized the outfit with a scarf and a pair of sunnies for a perfect daytime look. These black jeans can be substituted for ANY shade or style of jeans because camo is basically a neutral now-a-days.

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Casual GNO

Next, I opened this baby up and made it more of an oversized cover-up accessory. Paired with a fitted, feminine top and jeans is a perfect mix of fits. I did a tubetop-jeans-baggy jacket combo here, which is ideal for a casual dinner or GNO. I love the new camo trend because, like I said before, it’s basically neutral so it can be worn with virtually any color or style. Long story short, it’s versatile, and I love it, and I want more of it.

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The last ‘fit I put together has a little bit more of a kick to it. This outfit it great for a club or fancier bar. Again, I wore the vintage number open with a cute LBD underneath. I belted the dress to give myself a little bit of shape and paired the whole outfit with heeled booties. On these last few chilly nights, I, nor you, would be able to survive without at least a light jacket. This camo vintage from Urban Exchange Project is a perfect way to cover up at night. The belted dress underneath gives the outfit a feminine look.

See? Pieces can CERTAINLY be worn more than once. Each one is different and unique from the next. I have shown you a daytime chic outfit, a casual GNO outfit, and, what I call, a “gettin’ fancy” outfit. These outfits accessorized by this perfect camo jacket are perfect for these final winter days.

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