Three Versions of YOU

We all know that style can say a lot about a person, but how much does it really say.  For this
week’s post, I wanted to use one shirt, but make three different outfits out of it. The shirt I
picked is a button up red sheer shirt with very little yellow flower-like designs all over.

ps – all clothing is from Urban Exchange Project, head over to Fishtown to recreate these outfits!!!

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Outfit #1 – 90’s Kid at Heart

This fit is perfect for all my peeps out there that aspire to be a 90’s kid (and feel like they were born in the wrong generation). These light brown corduroy pants bring vibes that cannot be tamed. They are so comfortable, and the quality is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  For this outfit I tucked the red button up in and folded the bottom of the pants, mainly because I’m short, but I also do love rolled pants!
ps – this outfit was only $38, the most expensive of the three!!


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Outfit #2 – Young and Fun and Bright

This fit is for my girls that wanna feel forever young (and also want to brighten someone’s day with a pop of color). I tend to stay away from pairing 2 colors with each other, but I fell in love with this combination. This outfit is perfect for the warmer weather creeping up on us. I decided
to keep my shirt the same and tuck it into this yellow skirt. I love the pockets because anything with pockets get and A+ in my world!!

ps – this fit was only $14!!

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Outfit #3 – Country Chic

This last fit is for all of my lovely country girls out there! Overalls, they are adorable and make a strong statement about who you are…so who are you? In this fit, you would be a girl that could do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that you put your mind to. Overalls are unique and wearing them shows that you are too. For this outfit I unbuttoned my shirt and tied it at the waste and then threw on some comfy overalls. Also, the yellow earrings add a little girly vibe to the fit, highly recommend checking out the jewelry at Urban Exchange Project (it’s really good and cheap).

ps – this amazing outfit was only $16…crazy right!!

As always, thank you for taking some time out of your day to read my blog, I really appreciate it!!! I hope this blog gave you some inspiration on how to show who YOU really are, because being you is always the best you (but sometimes it is fun to dress up as someone else).

Bye, Bria <3

insta – @bria.moyer

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