Bonjour, Paris! 

…or is it Bonsoir? 

Depending if it’s AM or PM where you are, it’s different. At least that’s what I learned from the cute baguette boy that I visited more often than I should say. Let me tell you ladies (and gents), we are overpaying for our carbs. I snagged the best guilty pleasure of Paris for about one euro. We need a change in the States, am I right or am I right?

Well, the chronicles of Paris will be coming soon to the blog, so stay tuned, but for now let me tell you about the packing hacks I discovered and how the Urban Exchange Project took over my Paris wardrobe.

So, first things first. I over pack. Everyone who knows me knows I make up about a billion excuses why I need multiple outfits for each day and that shoes are my weakness.

My common excuses… what if it gets wet? What if it rains? What if it’s really hot? What if I spill food on it? What if I sweat? What if some steals my clothes? What if we go out to a fancy dinner? What if an alien comes and takes my clothes off me? What is the sky falls? 

Wow, these questions can really take a turn, but you get the gist.

Now to get to the point, my mom and I read up on packing to go abroad as I only was jet setting across the globe with a 29inch suitcase and a small carry-on tote to last me through roughly 10 days.


1.     Try and find out exactly what you are doing on your trip abroad – thank goodness for me I was equip with an itinerary. This knowledge will allow you to pack the right kind of clothes and limit the guessing of what you will actually need.

2.     Check the weather in advance. Be prepared for all things because mother nature really likes to play jokes. In my case, it was supposed to rain every day in Paris, but Peter (aka. THE Paris Mother Nature in disguise as he was actually our host from the Paris American Academy) wished the rain away. It did snow our last day, which in my eyes was wild, but so enchanting.

3.     Bring versatile garments. Focus on article that can be re-worn or restyled into different outfits. This is when my blog post on capsule closets comes into play (wow, my posts actually are relevant to life – who knew?)

Side note: This means SOLIDS. Lots and lots of solids with the occasion striped or plaid print.

4.     BLACK. This five letter word is your life saver. My whole wardrobe was black and honestly, it’s the sleekest style and helps you not stick out like a sore thumb in a foreign country. Trust me, just my presence screams “AMERICAN”.

5.     Bring dress and jumpsuits if you can. These are one piece, which is a space saver and makes getting ready for those 7am wake up calls way easier.

6.     Layering. Biggest and most important content to grasp. For everyone who knows me, I do this already. But, especially during this time of year with chilly morning and sunny afternoons, the temperature can do a complete 360. Layers can help you dress for all temperatures and can easily be taken off throughout your day without interrupting your experience.

7.     Finally, wrinkle free. You want to wear clothing that won’t need to be ironed and that won’t leave you looking like a crinkled mess. You can test its ability by grabbing a corner in your hand and allowing the moisture to press into the fabric for a minute or so.

These are my top tips – lucky 7 as I believe in superstitions always. Well, looky here, you are learning more and more about me every time we meet. 

NOW, really now, after I have said it one to many times, let’s get to the iconic “fits” that were created from my thrifty finds at the Urban Exchange Project.


Pictured above are my cutie friends: Megan Manderson and Bri Moyer at the Flea Market.

This was one of my go to looks in Paris as I sporting an oversized, black mock neck tee and a cargo, green pant from the Urban Exchange Project. Not only does this outfit embody just about every tip on the list: black, versatile, wrinkle – free, layering – it was so comfy for the long day that I had ahead of me.

Also, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring the denim dream all the way to Paris. Also, peep the farmer’s market rock around my neck – don’t forget a little statement in your fit. A neutral, statement necklaces is the easiest as it is small and versatile.

***To avoid tangling your gems, put the chain through a straw and clasp it. This tip is brought to you by Morgan Fitzpatrick, my roomie and diy hacker.***


Finally, catch me in my Calvins

These Calvin Klein black denim jeans were the holy grail when I shopped Urban Exchange last. I hit the jackpot. These straight leg, high waisted pants were the best black pant to bring to Paris and will last me a lifetime. I literally wore them more often than I should have, but hey, black goes with everything.

I have to say Urban Exchange is the place to go when you have plans to jet set anywhere or even say, a ten minute drive. Never stop dreaming.



PS. Stay tuned for a 10 days of Paris blog series – you won’t wanna miss it and all its dets about a trip that changed my life.

Also, here are more pics of me on one of the happiest days of my life wearing the Urban Exchange Project.

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