What to Wear: TGT

WHAT TO WEAR: TGT is the new TBT – yes, you read that right! Trousers, gingham, and turtlenecks.

This holiday season is all about effortless beauty and comfort. We all want the glamorous and classy look that can come from our most basic, staple pieces but don’t always know how to (or even want to) pair them together. I have included a few pictures below to help spark some outfit inspiration for you during this holiday season.

TURTLENECKS ARE BACK!!! They have quickly become a favorite to so many for this holiday season and I can’t get over how perfectly they pair with these gingham trousers to create the most perfect, modern minimalistic look. Tie it all together with a black clutch and a few statement rings and this outfit is ready to hit the streets on the body of any fashionista who wishes to do so.

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Why choose gingham trousers out of everything else that could have been considered? Gingham is a classy and timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of a city-chic vibe to any outfit.

All about the details: Sammi and I chose silver drop earrings in order to add more of an edgy vibe to the outfit while the clutch and rings add a nice contrast between themselves and the pants. The velvet texture of the clutch adds the perfect dimension to the outfit in order to take it from your everyday street style to your holiday chic style.
Whenever you’re out on the streets or looking for the perfect outfit for your upcoming holiday party, remember one thing – TGT.


xx Karlee

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