spring x winter

Who would have thought that the first day of Spring would bring a blizzard with it? This winter weather was rough for the fashion world and I don’t think it is over yet.. I have a feeling this spring will still have a mix of winter weather. Styling your outfit for these conditions can be difficult. What do you even wear when the weather decides to act bipolar? Here are ideas to keep you stylin’ this spring.


rock the white

Now that its spring its finally legal to bring out the white pants. I love love white denim! Everyone should have at least one pair in their wardrobe. There are many ways to wear white jeans and you can match them with almost anything!


bring out the boots

Over the knee boots are everything! If you don’t have a pair get a pair. You’ll thank me later. You can still pull them off in the spring with the right outfit. Let’s be honest we will probably see snow soon again. A great pair of boots really go a long way. What makes high knee boots stand out from the rest is the ability to style them with many looks. In the spring, you can wear these boots with jeans, shorts or a short dress in the spring.


denim on denim

IT’S A LOOK! I have always been so conscious of wearing denim on denim but if the denim contrast with each other you’ll rock it right! There is some do’s and don’ts of denim. If you are new to wearing it then start out by pairing different shades of denim together, like the outfit styled above with white jeans and custom blue denim top from Urban Exchange Project.
Go check out some of the new spring styles in the store! 🙂

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